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A Running Event for Mental Health Awareness

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Of the 1773 people who died by suspected suicide from 2019-2022, over 72% were males.
Run72 is to draw attention to this absurd fact.

Running for 72 hours, collectively

Run72 is an annual community event to raise funds and awareness for men’s mental health. During the event, University of Canterbury students and members of the Christchurch community take to the pavement around UC to run for 72 hours, ensuring that there is always at least one person running.

Join us during this year's run, beginning Tuesday the 19th of September at 4pm.

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Why we do it

When Run72 began in 2021, running for 72 hours was intended to draw attention to the fact that men made up 72% of suicides in New Zealand. This statistic has since risen to 76%, a clear sign that male suicide deserves more attention in 2023 than ever before.

Lads Without Labels is a by students, for students organisation seeking to improve mental health, with a particular focus on de-stigmatising the conversation for men. Run72 provides a platform to make the impact we need to see by creating an environment that promotes community, camaraderie and real conversations. Everyone can contribute, whether that be by completing a lap, running a marathon or donating a few dollars. 


Our objectives for 2023 are simple

We would love to have more people join us on our mission: raising awareness for mens mental health and raising funds for our counselling initiative. We want more people on the ground at UC, more laps run, and to embrace a wider connection with our community. Funds raised at Run72 help support the Lads Without Labels Counselling Initiative - ensuring more students have access to professional counselling.


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