Archie Manning

Archie Manning



Archie Manning

Hey guys, my name is Archie Manning


I’m a second-year commerce student, who is originally from Australia, grew up in Auckland and is now in Canterbury! My role within the Lads Without Labels Exec team for 2024 is the treasurer. 

I joined lads to connect with other like-minded individuals to help achieve goals with even greater purposes, to raise more awareness and support for those in need, and to help speak up to break down the barriers to mental health access and the stigma surrounding conversations regarding mental well-being. I want to be able to help equip people with the tools to look after both themselves and the people around them.


If I’m not somewhere on campus you’ll likely find me, on the hockey turf, hunting out the best flat white, on or in the water, or anywhere outdoors. I am very grateful to be a part of the lad's team and am looking forward to a great year creating an environment where we can have a tangible positive impact on our community!

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