Run72: Join Us

Run72 is here, and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve together this year.

Run72: Join Us
Run72: Join Us
Loredana Unsworth
September 18, 2023
Journal entry

Everything you need to know to join this year's Run72.

The purpose of Run72 is simple: to raise funds and awareness for men’s mental health. During the event, UC students and members of the Christchurch community take to the pavement, running around UC for 72 hours, ensuring that there is always at least one person running.

We need your help: come run with us, spread the word and pitch in to raise money for the Lads Counselling Initiative.

Join the Run: When and Where

This year’s run is starting on Tuesday the 19th of September at 4pm, we’ll be finishing exactly 72 hours later at 4pm on Friday the 22nd. At all times in-between you’ll find Run72 Legends lapping the 1.8km circuit around the University of Canterbury. Come join us at any time, extra props if you make it to the #graveyardshift. During your run, we’ll be there to support you, whether that be blasting your favourite tunes, or making sure you're fed and watered while working up a sweat. All you need to do is show up with your running shoes, lace them up tight, and hit the pavement. Running isn't a requirement, no matter how you choose to complete your lap, every lap will be automatically counted by our team and will contribute to the grand total.

The home of Run72 is C-Block lawn, right at the heart of the University of Canterbury. This is the place to check-in at the start and end of your run, or to hang out and kōrero with the Run72 community. If you’re coming from beyond UC, there’s free parking at Haere-roa outside uni hours, from 5pm to 8am.

The course around UC.

Spread the Message: #Run72

To raise awareness we need your help: chat with your mates & check they’re #AllGoodUpTop, start the discussion, and share your story at Run72. Sharing the Run72 launch video or a photo from the event goes a long way to help us get the word out! If anyone you know at UC needs support, you can see what Lads has to offer at or visit for help across Aotearoa.

Run72 was designed to draw attention to the fact that men made up 72% of suicides in New Zealand. Since the start of Run72 in 2021, this statistic has risen to 76%, a clear sign that male suicide deserves more attention this year than ever before.

Fundraise: Every Dollar Counts

In the past, laps run at Run72 have been the key to raising funds. This year we’re looking to create a bigger impact, and to do so we need your help fundraising. If every runner at last year’s event raised $40, we’d be able to deliver over 250 hours of supplementary counselling to UC students. So here’s what we’re asking. While you join us at Run72, reach out to three friends or family members and see if they’d be willing to give $15 to support counselling for the next year. Donations are easy with Give A Little, just visit and donations over $5 are eligible for a charitable giving tax credit.

All funds raised at this year’s event are dedicated to the Lads Without Labels Counselling Initiative which offers an alternative free counselling option initially available to UC students. In order to offer this service for free we rely on funds raised at Run72. Every $150 raised means one more student can sit down with a professional counsellor and get the support they desperately need.

We look forward to seeing you at Run72!